Sixth Shenzhen International Model Exhibition

About SZME

About SZME

1. Client-oriented exhibition hall

Flexible assembly of the space: large exhibition area, divided into three series according to every exhibition area, provide single entrance between ground floor and second floor, able to satisfy different scale exhibitions, decrease the influence from other exhibitions held at the same time.

Huge astylar exhibition hall: every exhibition hall with neat order, north and south span 125m, net height from 13m to 28m, without any columns and help to enhance the spot visual effect.

reasonable arrangement and transportation of inner pavilion: commodious space of the hall periphery, high door and boarder gallery enable the trucks march into the hall, effectively avoid over-crowding in the whole exhibiting process, the main thoroughfare in the second floor and 137 lifts compose the transport network covering the whole pavilion, easy to distribute the crowds and the goods.

Advanced fire-protection and security system, covering the whole pavilion and provide security indemnification.

The strong bearing ability of ground ensures the hall meets the demand of the large machines.

18,000 square meters large outdoor square: wide and richly-textured, eqiuped with stereo system and fountain system, suitable to hold different opening ceremony and creat atmosphere of big events.

2. Plane layout and specifications of the exhibition hall

Exhibition area East and west span South and north span Quantity Hall number
30.000m2 series 240m 120m 1 Hal l No.1
15,000m2 series 120m 125m 2 hall No.2 and 9
7,500m2 series 60m 125m 6 Hall No.3、4、5、6、7 and 8
Whole area of inner exhibition hall 105,000m2

3. Relevant technical parameters

Inner exhibition court:

Net height: 13-28m

Bearing ability to the ground: 1). reinforced concrete ground: 5 tons(hall No. 1、2、3 and 4); 3.5 tons( hall No. 5 and 6) 2). Trench steel plate: class of loading is from 7 to 10.

Toilets: located in the main gallery areas among the exhibition halls, assembled as the percentage of 70% seated toilets and 30% squat toilets according to the international standard.

Lifts: total amount is 137 sets, consisted of 82 sets of escalators( 62 indoors and 20 outdoors’), 40 lifts( 16 fire-protection lift included), 10 sightseeing lifts and 1 catering lift.

Capacity of electric power supply:

Booth box: the trench kit is included as the standard lateral dimension 6m and the longitudinal dimension 10m, total amount is 1300.

Configuration parameters: the capacity of every kit is 25KW/3P-50KW/3P, able to link with a 30KW/380V and six 3KW/220V international exhibition standard power interfaces.

Voltage class: 380V/220V(±10%), frequency parameter: 50Hz(±1%).

Exhibition hall luminance level: normal lighting and reasonable emergency lighting are used to cooperate with the national lighting skylight with illumination 300lx-400lx.

Pendant point: set on the purline(500mm×1000mm) of the hall ceiling on the east-west, every 6mm it would set a suspension ring, loading maximum 35KG statically.

Water supply and drainage: distributed a water-supplying point(pipe diameter is 1 cun) and a water-drainage point(pipe diameter is 4 cun) as the standard lateral dimension 6m and the longitudinal dimension 10m in every box.

Fire-protection: fire disaster alarming system, smoke-discharge system, water cannon system, fire hydrants and fire extinguishers are well-equipped.

Air conditioners: 1. Total volume can reach to 13,600 standard tons combined 8 imported mainframes with 52 wind-guiji with 108,000m3/h blowing rate underground. 2. The temperature can be controlled between 23℃ to 27 ℃, relative humidity is from 50% to 65% and the air speed is 0.2-0.3m/s. 3. Fresh air requirement and exhausting air flow rate is 518,400m3/h.

Air supply: only the hall No.2 can be supply central-air conditioning, every air supply point is distributed in the trench of the ground as the standard lateral dimension 6m and the longitudinal dimension 10m and each one’s interface can bear the pressure of 0.6 MPa. Other exhibition hall can use movable sir compressors.

Communication and network system: 1. The trench kits are located as the standard lateral dimension 6m and the longitudinal dimension 10m, and every configuration has 8 informational interface including voice and data ones. 2. China Telecom provides the voice access interphone with the 6000M in the national and international calls and also supplies broadband 100M internet access. 3. The signal of interphone system is covered without any barriers wherever overground or underground.

Cable television: the trench kit is included as the standard lateral dimension 6m and the longitudinal dimension 10m, and every trench kit is distributed with a cable television interface and also can be connected with digital signal and simulated signal of the cable television.

Broadcasting system: covering the whole pavilion

Emergency lighting: covering the whole pavilion

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